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Post-Operative (After) Foot Surgery Instructions
  1. DO NOT sit with your feet down for any length of time.  It causes feet to swell.

  2. DO NOT cross your legs.  Crossing the legs cuts off the circulation to the feet and causes swelling.

  3. DO NOT remove your surgical bandages.

  4. DO NOT remove get the bandages wet.

  • IF the bandages should show excessive bleeding.
  • IF the pain medication does not provide adequate control.
  • IF you should bump or re-injure your surgical foot.

    A small amount of walking is a novel weapon against post-operative foot complications.  Suggestions: For the first 24 to 36 hours, you may walk to the bathroom, kitchen, etc.  After 36 hours, you may increase your walking to your comfort, but remember that the more you are on your feet, the more they will swell, and the more discomfort you will have.

    If your feet are swollen, throbbing and/or painful:
    • Apply ice bags to the top of the feet.  (Cover the ice bag with a towel, and do not allow the dressings to become wet.)
    • Lie down with your feet up and your head lower than the rest of your body.  (This allows the congested blood to leave the feet and takes pressure off the feet.)  While you are confined to bed, it is desirable to occasionally bend the knees and rotate the ankles to assist increasing the circulation to the feet.

    Just by doing the simple things above -- application of ice, elevation of feet, and bed rest -- you can relieve a great deal of the discomfort in the feet and aid in a rapid recovery.

    For your additional comfort, you may place a cradle, made from a cardboard box, under the bed clothing to protect your feet.  Place a pillow in the box and make a nest for the feet to rest in.  This provides an excellent place for the ice bag if one is needed.

    The prescriptions given you are to assist in making you as comfortable as possible.  Please follow the directions on the label.  For the first 24 to 36 hours after surgery, you make take ibuprofin or Tylenol between the doses of prescribed pain medication.

    Thank you for your cooperation in following these simple instructions.  They will aid in your post-operative care and comfort.

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