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Pre-Operative (Before Surgery) Instructions
  1. Update your medication and allergies list.

  2. No aspirin or aspirin-containing products for seven (7) days prior to your scheduled surgery.  (Tylenol or ibuprofen are okay.)

  3. If you are on a blood thinner, such as Coumadin, you may need to stop this prior to surgery.  Your primary care physician will advise you abut this.

  4. Please have your prescriptions filled prior to surgery.  You may need to start your antibiotics prior to surgery.

  5. Please have someone drive you to the office the day of surgery.  If your driver would like to wait for you, they are welcome to do so.  If they would rather just leave a phone number, we will be happy to call them when you are ready to go home.

  6. Because we must maintain sterility of our operating room, we are not allowed to have anyone accompany the patient in the surgical suite.

  7. If you are a member of Capital Health Plan, you will be given a requisition to have your postoperative (after-surgery) x-rays taken at CHP.  PLEASE BRING THESE X-RAYS WITH YOU TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT AFTER SURGERY.

  8. If you are having surgery at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital or Tallahasee Community Hospital, you MUST have a History and Physical Exam form completed by your primary physician prior to surgery.  CHP and HPSE insurance clients MUST have a History and Physical Exam form completed by their primary physician when having surgery at ANY outside facility.

  9. If you are having surgery outside of our office, you will also be required to have a "preop appointment" with your podiatrist AND with the facility where your surgery will be done.  This may or may not be done on the same day.

  10. During your appointment prior to surgery (your "preop"), we suggest you schedule your first post-operative appointment with us.  This will avoid delays on your surgical day.

  11. If you are having office surgery, we recommend you wear long pants for your comfort.

  12. If you are having surgery in our office, you may eat and drink prior to surgery.  For your comfort, limit fluid intake two (2) hours prior to surgery time.

  13. Please do not wear toenail polish on the day of your surgery.

  14. If you have any other questions, please call the surgical coordinator at 878-6998, extension #15

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